ECOADUNA Foundation
and the Ecoaduna Matrix Program (EMP)
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ECOADUNA fosters and integrates "STEM for Society" -
MesoEconomics, Social Resilience, Recovery and Sustainability,
"Coadunatio" - Symbiotic and Organic Solutions to Problems
Creative Research, Education and Expression = (R)Evolutionary Social Change

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ECOADUNA is one of the four primary program-divisions that constitute the Institute for Innovative Study (IIS):

  • LEAPS (Laboratory for Emergent Adaptive Processes and Systems - basic research)
  • QCMP  (Quantum Computing BioMedicine Program - basic research)
  • PHYSIS   (foundational theoretical research, physics and biophysics focus))
  • Ecoaduna   (Ecoaduna Foundation - the Matrix Program - applied-science projects involving youth and students)

ECOADUNA Foundation (aka Ecoaduna Matrix :Program), within the Institute (IIS), has four principal components itself:

  • Education = projects focused upon community, youth, S.T.E.A.M., vocational+academic STEM plus Arts
  • Environment = projects focused upon ecosystems and environmental risks, threats and challenges
  • Arts = projects that explore and support the fine arts in the context of science, technology, and civic sustainability
  • Socioeconomics = projects that support innovation and sustainable microeconomies and entrepreneurship
All of these functions and projecxts are now being coupled, joined and integrated within the Vision Plan of the Foundation and the Institute, its supporters and sponsors, among which are included The TETRAD Group and its member companies, and also The Exoplanetary Corporation, and others.

(Find out more about these long-term new developments at EXO.

Within the Education activities of the Foundation, the focus activity presently is the

Meridian STEAM Program (MSP)

Knowledge training and S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) activities and projects in collaboration with and support of the Healthy Heroes Alliance and the S.H.A.K.T.I. Warriors programs for children ages 6-12+:
This youth-focused work by the Foundation has progressed into the Meridian STEAM Program (MSP).

  • Learning about response-ability and family/community resilience in times of public emergency
  • Health, hygiene, and understanding how to cope with infectious diseases
  • Looking out for signs of trauma, stress and extreme behaviors

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The MATRIX Concept of doing things for our Future

To learn about some foundational ideas for this, visit The MATRIX but keep in mind that what was described in 2013 is now revised significantly.

Early PodAtrium-related projects in which ECOADUNA has been directly engaged and involved include these:
  • Baghdad and Kurdistan regions in Iraq - modular, mobile MedAtrium clinics and PodAtrium-based residences
  • Fukushima Prefecture in JAPAN, as part of the rebuilding and reconstitution of the community and area
  • Middle East (Western Asia; SE Turkey, addressing large-scale refugee needs and socioeconomic instabilities)

Ex Terra Ad Astra

From Earth to the Stars - ECOADUNA's Long-Term Space Project
Paper from the 100 Year Starship Conference (DARPA-funded), 2013
100YSS Design and Prototyping of Life Support, Power and Agriculture Systems for Long-Term Deep Space Missions (pdf)
ETA FORUM (Portal)

This public portal, with developing mobile apps and other features, describes several key, long-term programs and projects (some with a strong Space exploration/development focus)

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Maskmen and MASKnights, S.H.A.K.T.I. Warriors, Super-Heroes, and BUTTERFLY NETs (?!?!)
  • Intuit
  • Dare
  • Empower
  • Accomplish
  • Share

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Project Management
ECOADUNA Foundation is a program (division) within the
Institute for Innovative Study

Refer to the Institute website for all information on organization, management, administration and legal/financial structures.

Brief Bio

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Seminars / Events

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The Quantum Computing
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Ecoaduna Foundation - the Matrix Program - within the Institute for Innovative Study (IIS)

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